Our Mission

Maximizing philanthropy's role in preventing and ending homelessness.

Welcome to the Heading Home Minnesota Funders Collaborative

HHMFC believes that philanthropy is uniquely positioned to help innovate, incubate, and advocate for strategies that will prevent and end homelessness for all Minnesotans. While HHMNFC targets its strategic investments and collaborative efforts at the system level, the impact of its work will be felt by individuals who are close to, or are, experiencing homelessness.

Mission: Maximizing philanthropyā€™s role in preventing and ending homelessness.
Vision: Everyone in Minnesota has safe, affordable and stable housing.
Goal: Cultivate the conditions to end homelessness

Core Values:

  • Achievable: We believe housing is a human right and homelessness is solvable.
  • Community-Designed: We are guided by people who have experienced homelessness.
  • Equitable: We work and act with an understanding that homelessness is connected to culture, gender, identity, race, economics and privilege.
  • Responsive: We act on emerging and immediate needs.
  • Influential: We effect the field of Philanthropy and prioritize homelessness work and all conditions in which homelessness occurs

HHMFC believes that a strong public private partnership that is focused and collaborative can effectively end homelessness in Minnesota. However, achieving this goal will require greater collective commitments to shared outcome goals by state, local and tribal government, philanthropy, business, faith leaders, and housing and service providers. Moreover, progress is highly dependent on a collective plan that is grounded in the wisdom of people with lived experience of homelessness and involves community leaders from populations most affected by housing instability in its implementation.

Together, we can prevent and end homelessness for all Minnesotans.
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